TUD publishes 42 Gb/s VCSEL Driver

ADDAPT partner TUD published the design and results of the second version of their VCSEL driver in IEEE Photonics Technology Letters. In this letter, the design and measurement results of a high-swing 42-Gb/s vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser

The VCSEL driver in 14-nm bulk CMOS technology achieves 42 Gb/s with an optical modulation amplitude of 1.4 dB. To keep the power dissipation low, no equalizer was employed at the highest rate. The transmitter circuitry can be disabled when there is no data transmission to save half of the power required for the full-rate functionality. Then, it can be enabled in less than 10 ns to full rate operation which makes it suitable for burst mode operation. The total power dissipation, including the one of the VCSEL, is 81.5 mW, which provides a power efficiency of 1.94 pJ/bit.

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