Dissemination and exploitation plans updated

In the deliverable report D2.4 the plans for dissemination and exploitation of ADDAPT results have been updated. This report is an extension and update of D2.3. It re-examined the plans on dissemination and exploitation activities of the ADDAPT consortium. In this project period it was figured out that the market for the ADDAPT technology exits and that the potential is huge (hundreds of thousands of cables). It can be predominantly found in the high performance computing and data-center environments. Furthermore, a number of small changes in the marketplace were identified. A new insight is that the implementation gets easier, and the efficiency higher, if part of the ADDAPT technology will be implemented in the network interface card (NIC). This leads also to the insight, that this can only be achieved if the relevant standardization bodies adapt this technology in the various standards where IBM and TE will pursue this in the standardization body where they are a member of.

More information can be found in the ‘Deliverables‘ section.

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