logo_tud Technische Universit├Ąt Dresden (TUD), DE
Chair for Circuit Design and Network Theory
well known for ultra-high speed circuit design and engineering education
logo_ibm IBM Research GmbH (IBM),CH
Systems Design and Photonics Group
key player for computer server, optical communication links and network infrastructure
logo_vis VI Systems GmbH (VIS), DE
leading in area of VCSELs and PDs with highest speed at high power efficiency
logo_at Argotech as (AT), CZ
well known for high-speed packaging/assembling solutions
logo_wut Politechnika Warszawska/ Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), P
Optical Communications Group
leading research group with most advanced world-class laboratory concerning optical communication in Poland
logo_cstg Compound Semiconductor Technologies (CSTG), GB
major European manufacturer and supplier of optical III-V components
logo_pt PrimeTel PLC (PTL), CY
key network and data center operator in Europe
logo_te Tyco Electronics Nederland BV (TE), NL – left the consortium by February 2016
key player and supplier for connector, packaging, network and communication solutions