Press Releases

02.03.2018 “IBM Demos Rapid On/Off Energy-saving Optical Receiver” optical connections (english)
22.02.2018 “Novel energy-saving optical receiver with a new record of rapid power-on/off time” ScienceDaily (english)
22.02.2018 “IBM Reveals a Novel Energy-saving Optical Receiver with a new Record of Rapid Power-on/off Time at OFC 2018″ BusinessWire (english)
22.02.2018 “IBM to present ADDAPT four-fiber 160-Gbps receiver with record on/off times at OFC 2018″, LIGHTWAVE online (english)
27.07.2017 “Low Power, High Performance Optical Receivers” IBM (english)
12.06.2017 “IBM scientists achieve 60 Gb/s with optical receiver in in 14nm CMOS FinFET” on YouTube (english)
08.06.2017 “IBM Optics Go CMOS”, EE Times (english)
07.06.2017 “CST Global presents paper on high-speed 850nm VCSELs”, semiconductor Today News (english)
07.06.2017 “CST Global To Present Paper On High Speed 850nm VCSELs”, CS News (english)
05.06.2017 “Iain Eddie, of CST Global, presents his white paper on high-speed, 850nm VCSELs, at the VCSEL Conference, June 2017″, Sivers IMA News (english)
03.06.2017 “Iain Eddie presents his paper on high-speed, 850nm VCSELs, at VCSEL Day, June 2017″, CST News (english)
18.05.2017 “New ways of tackling bandwidth limitations to meet the demands of ‘anytime, anywhere’ data consumption”, CORDIS News (english)
17.04.2017 “Short-range links beyond 100Gb/s with vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers”, SPIE Newsroom (english)
02.08.2014 “PrimeTel participated in the 2nd ADDAPT meeting” (english)
05.03.2014 ADDAPT on VI Systems’ webpage (english)
March 2014 ADDAPT on Argotech’s webpage (english)
March 2014 ADDAPT on PrimeTel’s webpage (english)
04.02.2014 Article “Energiehunger des Netzes drosseln”
in Dresden university journal 02/2014, page 1 (german)
03.02.2014 Press release of the coordinator (english/german)
31.01.2014 Press release of TUD (english)
30.01.2014 Press release for Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten (german)