The industry partners evaluate the requirements from market perspective resulting in the definition of the overall system concept. IBM and TE will bring their experience as global suppliers for communication equipment in. PTL executes a network and data load analysis to determine the operating conditions.

The optical components (VCSEL, PD, coupling element) and the high-speed ICs (LDD, TIA, CDR) are designed and fabricated by IBM, VIS, TUD and CSTG. The packaging phase comprises the packaging, assembling and coupling of the electro-optical components which is carried out by AT and TE. Close cooperation between design groups is required due to the interaction of components on system level.

The developed concepts, components and systems will be tested and characterized. Electrical and optical measurements will be performed by WUT, TUD and IBM.

Since the design of adaptive components at up to 56 Gb/s may involve risks and unexpected challenges, a redesign phase is planned. The results of tests using the verification platforms will be considered for optimization and redesign of the system and its components.

At the end of the project there will be a demonstrator interconnect with several links available.

The research and development is accompanied by coordination and administration work carried out by TUD. Standardization issues will be coordinated by the industry partners and the exploitation activities have been initially managed by TE and is now conducted by VIS.