Motivation and Concept

Depending on the actual data load, the number of activated link paths and individual device parameters like bandwidth, clock rate, modulation format and gain are adapted to enable lowering the supply power. The devices can be tuned from 7 to 56 Gb/s.

Novel adaptive directly modulated lasers and photodetectors designed for near-field light coupling are developed to allow self-aligned low-cost waveguide assemblies with minimum optical power losses. Laser bandwidths beyond 30 GHz and power consumption can be traded off and controlled by driver circuits.

adaptivityCircuits such as amplifiers, drivers and clock data recoveries are designed in energy-efficient 32 nm CMOS and can be adjusted.

High-speed, low-loss packaging solutions using glass or ceramics are developed.

An optical communication platform tailored for data centers is designed with 4 link paths which can be scaled up to 12 link paths and 10 m link distance for of speed adaption from 0.672 Tb/s to 7 Gb/s with power saving factors of up to 20.