Del. Nr. Del. Name WP Del. date
D2.1 Implementation of web-based resource and communication platform; project fact sheet; project presentation WP1 M03
D2.2 Market study, evaluation of applications and product specifications WP2 M06
D6.1 Packaging concept and interfaces WP6 M06
D1.1 Interim status report WP1 M09
D2.3 Plans for dissemination and exploitation of results WP2 M09
D4.1 Concepts and specifications for adaptive optical components WP4 M09
D5.1 Specifications for adaptive transceiver ICs WP5 M09
D3.1 Network analysis and system concept WP3 M12
D1.2 Project periodic report WP1 M14
D2.4 Plans for dissemination and exploitation of results WP2 M14
D4.2 First designs of adaptive optical components
First designs of optical components
WP4 M18
D6.2 Development of high-speed packaging techniques WP6 M18
D5.2 First design of adaptive electrical transceiver ICs (confidential) WP5 M21
D3.2 Design of one link path WP3 M24
D6.3 Packaging and assembling of sub-systems (confidential) WP6 M24
D1.3 Project periodic report WP1 M28
D2.5 Plans for dissemination and exploitation of results WP2 M28
D4.3 Redesigns of adaptive optical components
WP4 M33
D5.3 Redesign of adaptive electrical transceiver components WP5 M33
D4.4 Adaptive optical component tests WP4 M36
D5.4 Test of adaptive electrical components WP5 M36
D3.3 System verification platform including adaptive control WP3 M39
D6.4 Optimized packaging and assembling of verification platform WP6 M39
D1.4 Final report WP1 M42
D2.6 Dissemination and exploitation of ADDAPT results WP2 M42
D3.4 Testing and benchmarking WP3 M42