Network analysis and system concept finished

ADDAPT partner PrimeTel performed an intensive network analysis in its data and network center. Several parameters e.g. like data throuput, power consumption, link utilization and packet distribution have been measured and analysed in order to determine the potential to introduce the ADDAPTive approaches to the optical links. In addition the ADDAPT consortium achieves first findings for a complete system architecture of the ADDAPT transceiver. The results are important for the further design of the single components and are summarized in the deliverable report D3.1.This deliverable report presents work for the ADDAPT project’s Work Package 3 and more precisely Task 3.1 System Concept and Task 3.2 Network Analysis. By an intense analysis of a modern optical network operated by PrimeTel the diurnal variation of traffic load on high speed optical links is illustrated. It shows the fact that optical transceiver operational characteristics remain fairly constant despite the traffic fluctuation. Moreover, a characterization of the traffic is provided where the majority of flows are small in size and their duration is only a few seconds. Therefore, it can be concluded that ADDAPT can result in a significant reduction in power consumption and operational expenses. Finally, the system concept of the optical transceiver module is presented which focuses on the main adaptivity concepts, application scenarios and a conceptual implementation of an active optical cable using ADDAPT.

More information can be found in the ‘Deliverables‘ section.

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