First concepts and specifications for ADDAPTive optical components defined

With the deliverable report D4.1 the ADDAPT consortium concludes initial concepts and specifications for the optical components of the electro-optical transceiver module. This report is focusing on the concepts of the adaptive optical components which are an important part of the optical cable link. At first, an overview to the assembly concept of the demonstrator for ADDAPT is given which includes the optical coupling of the optical active components of special VCSEL and fast PDs to the waveguides. It is planned to use an optical near field coupling (NFC) of the optical components to the waveguide to achieve an easy coupling situation for the assembly. A design approach and the general concept for the development of fast and near field coupled VCSEL (NFL) is compiled. In addition there is presented the approach for a single mode VCSEL with large emitting diameter as an alternative to reach relaxed coupling conditions. The design concept for high speed PDs and the limitations which must be considered for the NFC are discussed. The technology to manufacture the optical coupling is presented. There will be used polymer optical waveguides for a) the connection of the optical chips on one hand and b) the connection to the standard multimode optical fibers on the other hand.

More information can be found in the ‘Deliverables‘ section.

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