ADDAPT defines dissemintation and exploitation plans

The ADDAPT comsortium discussed and defined potential activitites to disseminate and exploit the project results in the deliverable report D2.3.This report addresses the first ideas for dissemination (“how the spread the word”), and how to exploit (use the results in the environmental system of the partner’s organisation) the findings, this means the know-how and the technologies developed in the framework of this project. Each partner addresses this from his own context and expectations of the project. Therefore, also the market for the ADDAPT technology is briefly recapped from the D2.2 report. Relevant commercial exploitation plans are defined by the project partners in order to obtain an optimal overview of the market potential of the new optical components in electronic and photonic applications. Roadmaps of the new applications will be elaborated and maintained during the project and beyond. More specifically the following activities have been or will be performed in this task: 1) Making an overview of exploitable results expected from the project; 2) Study of the market potential of these exploitable results; 3) Define application roadmaps for these results. In each reporting period this plan will be updated, resulting in the final plan for use and dissemination by the end of the project. This final plan will be presented in D2.6, per April 2017.

More information can be found in the ‘Deliverables‘ section.

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