Report on packaging concepts and interfaces

The ADDAPT consortium submitted first concepts for system packaging and interface definitions in deliverable report D6.1.The electrical and optical packaging techniques are key drivers of final product or solution design approaches. There is a specific chain of technologies behind each packaging technique needed for assembly operations. Each packaging technique provides some pros and cons. It is always a question of target product performance, technology chain availability, costs and other side effects like robustness etc. In case of ADDAPT project the electrical packaging will require high-speed performance of electrical lines of 56 Gb/s per each single line in multichannel configuration. The optical packaging will require high-efficiency coupling of high frequency optical signals into multi-mode fiber (MMF) together with investigation of near-field coupling (NFC) technique by minimizing the side effects which can distort the high-frequency (HF) optical signal in MMF solutions. Based on selected packaging technique the component electrical and optical interfaces have to be defined accordingly.

More information can be found in the ‘Deliverables‘ section.

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