ADDAPT presents market studies

The deliverable report D2.2 on market study, evaluation of applications and product specifications has been submitted.This report gives an overview about existing and foreseen markets, applications and standards in potential fields of ADDAPT. Already existing market surveys from leading suppliers are used to assess market development and the relevance of the ADDAPT technology in those markets. An inventory with respect to the applications is made. Target applications are high-capacity inter-switching (as in data-centers) such as happens between servers, between racks, between co-locations and to storage devices. In supercomputers, the target application is the more direct communication between processors and also to storage devices. Based on those markets, a few first requirements are given for ADDAPT cables. Furthermore, the development of the markets for the relevant protocols are described, and based on research by Cisco, an estimation of ADDAPT technology cables for the Ethernet domain is made.

More information can be found in the ‘Deliverables‘ section

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